BSA Registration

Retiree Registration

By Don Day, BSA Supervisor, Shared Services

If you would like to register with the National Council again, for the first time, or after a lapse, the online BSA registration for retirees and spouses can be found at

It is possible to use this registration form to multiple register if you have a current registration with a local council.

The form for the requested background check (CBC) authorization may be found in the “Files” section of the Now & Then Facebook page. A video to help you take and print a youth protection training certificate can be found in the “Media” and then “Videos” section of that page.

If you would rather fill out an application and mail it, that form may also be found on the Now & Then web page at this link  2024 BSA Retiree registration Application and the Now & Then Facebook page.

After your registration is processed, you can print your own membership card on My.Scouting if you have a My.Scouting account. The Now & Then team has posted a document we prepared on the Facebook page to do that. If you do not use My.Scouting and want a card, drop me a line and I will print a card for you.

We are also again providing BSA Veteran recognition for retirees who are registered with the National Council. If you are not registered with National you will need to secure veteran recognition through your council.

If you have any difficulty finding the forms or with any part of the process, please feel free to contact me at the National Service Center [email protected] or Mark Griffin at [email protected] and we will try to help.