Tom Deimler Family Philmont Scholarship Endowment

In Memory of Shirley

By Mark Griffin, Editor in Chief

Throughout his career, and to this day, retiree Tom Deimler has given his full support to Philmont’s training and high adventure programs. My career connection to Philmont, which for many defined my career, was in large part due to Tom’s encouragement. He made it possible for me, one of his field directors, to attend a conference at PTC.

Tom believes in the life-changing power of Philmont and recognizes the Philmont Experience develops a Scout’s self-reliance and leadership skills. He also knows Philmont helps the Scout bring real meaning to the aims and methods of Scouting.

With this in mind, in honor of his long service to Scouting and in memory of his dedicated wife Shirley, he and his family have created The Tom Deimler Family Philmont Scholarship Endowment for the purpose of awarding at least one annual scholarship to a selected Scout to join a unit or local council Philmont crew. Making it possible for that Scout, or Scouts, to benefit from a Philmont experience.

Tom has started the fund with an initial gift to the endowment with the intent of offering a scholarship for the upcoming Philmont camping season. Also, he has made it possible for family, friends, and Scouters to make direct contributions to the fund. Such gifts will go directly into the principal.

If you would like to help, direct contributions may be made through the BSA Foundation at

More information can be found in the brochure Deimler Scholarship 24 and on our Facebook page.

News from our 12th CSE: Wayne Brock is Alive and Pedaling

When I retired in 2015 my son gave me a bicycle as a retirement gift. He is an avid cyclist and had hoped cycling would become something we would do together.  Well, I did not live up to his expectation.  For the next four years the bike was mostly a wall ornament in my garage.  Then in 2020, as we all know, the pandemic hit.  After a month or so of being confined to the house I was itching to get outside.  I’m a former runner but the doctor discouraged me from doing that again, but he did say that cycling was a good substitute.  So, I took my bike off the wall, dusted it off, and headed out on my first ride.

I had forgotten just how enjoyable riding a bike can be.  I’m fortunate that there are lots of hike and bike trails where we live in McKinney, TX.  It didn’t take long before I was hooked.  I worked up to riding 80 miles a week.  I don’t set any speed records, but that’s alright because I’m having fun, I feel better, and I’ve lost some weight.  But, the best part is that my son and I have started riding together on weekends.  We participated in the Paris, TX Tour-de-Paris Bike Rally last September.  Riders can take either the 20, 35, 57, 68 or 80 mile route.  We did the 35.

Last June and July my wife, Ernestine, had two knee replacement surgeries.  She does not have the flexion in her knees to ride a regular bicycle, so at the encouragement of a fellow retiree, Bob Mersereau, we checked out getting her a trike.  She loved it so we bought one.  It has electric assist for those times she needs a little help going up hills and such.  Ernestine and I do a couple of 20-mile rides together each week.  Once a week I try to get in a 35+ mile ride which I do by myself plus my weekend ride with Richie.

We are at our summer condo in New Bern, NC now and unfortunately there are no bike trails.  It is not safe to ride on the highways, so we mostly ride through residential areas.  I miss my weekend rides with Richie and look forward to resuming them when we return to McKinney in the fall.

Wayne Brock


Originally published in the Summer 2021 Now & Then Newsletter.

Thank goodness Wayne and Ernestine are alive and pedaling. If you know a fellow BSA Retiree or Spouse who have passed, please add their information to our In Remembrance database.

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News from Our 13th CSE: Mike Surbaugh Isn’t Dead

Recently, my sister-in-law went to a Friends of Scouting event and told a district executive that she knew me. He said, “sorry, I heard he had died”. She responded, “unless something happened in the last week, he’s alive and well and enjoying retirement in Florida”.

So, what have we been up to in a year and a half? Well, after a quicker than expected departure from the BSA, Lisa and I followed up on our long-term plan of moving to our home in Florida which is literally in the middle of nowhere in the central part of the state.

We had intended to pursue some part time volunteer opportunities to stay engaged, but then, COVID hit. We were fortunate, some of our family got the virus, but thankfully, no one died or became seriously ill. Additionally, we were lucky to be here as we could do a lot of outdoor activities, so we used the time to work on getting healthy by doing a lot of walking, bicycling and taking up golf.

While we are not good at golf, we are less bad than we were a year ago. Lisa is progressing on that front faster than me. We are now looking forward to pursuing some volunteer activities and getting a bit more engaged and out of our little bubble.

Our first post vaccination outing was a motorcycle trip over to Cape Coral where we saw BSA retiree and my former boss Bill Moran and his wife Jill. Bill at 86 is super active and looks about half his age!

We walked the beach on Captiva and Sanibel and it was wonderful to see the ocean again. Last week we took an airplane trip to Wisconsin to attend a wedding. For those of you who haven’t traveled yet, it is a bit different. A lot of ironic COVID related procedures – example, a lot of emphasis on not touching anyone else’s luggage – but then you get in the shuttles and touch all kinds of rails everyone else has touched. At the Parking Spot, there was a big sign stating that for our safety, they no longer give out bottles of water, but you end up touching a screen a dozen times trying to get your credit card processed to get out the gate. But, they don’t take cash to provide a “touch less” experience. Ummm. Thanks for that.

Free stuff I wish I had taken more of – insulated mugs, they are really handy in Florida. Things I took that are totally useless here – fleece blankets. Lastly, thank you to so many for the words of support and encouragement, we are hopeful and wishing the best for the future of the BSA. From the active employees fighting the good fight, I think the BSA will emerge to serve many youth in the future. Looking forward to seeing and reconnecting now with a lot of our friends!

Mike Surbaugh


Originally published in the Summer 2021 Now & Then Newsletter.

Thank goodness Mike and Lisa are alive and well. If you know a fellow BSA Retiree or Spouse who have passed, please add their information to our In Remembrance database.

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